About SPK Consultants Inc.

Quality Standards

At SPK Consultants Inc, our biggest promise to our valued customers is our commitment on quality.

All of our services are delivered as an integral part of a formalized Quality Management Plan that focuses on continuous improvement and utilizes client feedback to improve internal process and the competency of our consultants and support team.

Why SPK Consultants Inc?

Entrepreneurial Mindset
Our heritage is deeply rooted in our pioneering spirit – helping our clients find innovative solutions and maximizing opportunities for growth. This entrepreneurial spirit continues to be at the core of our people, culture and actions.

Unparalleled Client Service
Our clients value our unique ability to help them identify and pursue their goals. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality service with a hands-on approach and tailored solutions.

Nimble and Resourceful Approach
Our team has built long-term relationships through individualized attention to our clients’ needs. To do so, we leverage the resourcefulness of our people, allowing us to quickly adapt, respond and deliver for our clients.

Industry Expertise
Our people have the intellectual capital and subject matter expertise to help clients achieve their goals. We take a knowledge-based approach to serving our markets and have a laser-like focus on each of our industry sectors.


  • Working with the SPK’s dedicated Technology Experts was a pleasant and memorable experience.
    - Cisco

  • Excellent capabilities and professionalism....will definitely consult SPK again when outsourcing work.
    - HP

  • Diligent, hard working, patient....I know that the job will be completed to my specs everytime.
    - Wells Fargo

  • Without SPK, we would likely find ourselves overspending on technology and taking more time to complete.
    - Motorola

Our Clients

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